In Our Prayers

Please remember the following in your prayers this week....

David & Canace Sountris
Dustin & Angie Fischer

Sister Congregation
Rev. Mark Gearig
     St. Paul Lutheran
     Decatur, IL

James & Carole Vrban
Ed & Jan Wachs
Jim & Desyree Weakley,
     Jonathan & Evelyn

Missionaries serving in
Latin America

Rev. Dr. Arthur A. Just Jr.

Military Chaplains
CPT David Edwards
Lincoln Winter
CPT Winston Grieser
MAJ Joel Giese

Ill & Hospitalized
Jim Blanc
Emily Brown
Dick DeWolf
Nancy Gosa
Brenda Roggendorf
Tamee Stone
***Please let the office know of any changes or updates.  Names will be removed every other week.***

Prolonged Illness & Special Needs
Gloria Burke
RoseAnn Duckworth
Steve Fors
Jane Hill
Dale Johnson
David Kjera
Judy Knudsen
Steve Lackey
Rick Mayerhofer
Reid McDonald
Jackie Reilly
Kathleen Schmidt
Kevin Wittenaur
Hank VanDamme

Lois Deal
Wanda Dobrinske
Mary Ann Eckert
Angie Fisher
Alice Heller
Ingrid Hodshire
Lori Hopkins
Marilyn Kupresin
Betty Larson
Ava Morrow
Larry Newlon
Bill Park
Charles Porter
Rose Porter
Nancy Smart
June Sutton
Betty Withrow